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Please Note: Trying to find a high quality, useful site on the web can often be a time-consuming experience. To save you the trouble we've compiled a list of websites that we've found to be valuable sources of information. Clicking on a link will open a new window for you.

GST - Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services tax (GST) has been identified as one of most important tax reform in India. For more knowledge, please click here.

* Reserve Bank of India
* Ministry of Corporate Affairs
* Ministry of Finance
* Insurance Regulatory Authority of India
* NIPFP DEA Research Program on Capital Flows
* National Institute of Securities Market
* SEBI Investor Awareness Website
* Electronic Data Information Filing and Retrieval System (EDIFAR)
* Corporate Filing and Dissemination System

Stock Exchanges in India

* National Stock Exchange
* The Stock Exchange, Mumbai
* Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
* Calcutta Stock Exchange
* Cochin Stock Exchange Limited
* Coimbatore Stock Exchange Limited
* Delhi Stock Exchange
* Inter-connected Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
* OTC Exchange of India
* Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange Limited
* MCX Stock Exchange

IRDA - The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India

* Latest insurance news
* Claim settlement details
* To print hall tickets for online exams
* To download study material for agents exams

Colleges Offering Securities Law Courses

* Government Law College, Mumbai

Market Regulators Worldwide

Asia Europe
* Capital Market Board (Turkey) * BAWe - Bundesaufsichtsamt für den Wertpapierhandel (Germany)
* Securities Bureau of the Ministry of Finance (Japan) * Central Bank of Cyprus
* Securities Commission (Malaysia) * CNMV - Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain)
* Securities and Exchange Commission (Bangladesh) * COB - Comission des Opérations de Bourse (France)
* Securities and Futures Commission (Hong Kong) * CONSOB Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italy)
* Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan * Financial Services Department (Jersey)
Australia Others
* Australian Securities Commission * BID - Banco Interamericano de Desarollo 
* The New Zealand Securities Commission * BIS - Bank for International Settlements 
    * COSRA - Council of Securities Regulators of the Americas 
North America * FASB - Financial Accounting Standards Board 
* British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada) * FIABV - Federación Iberoamericana de Bolsas de Valores
* Canadian Grain Commission * FIBV - Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs 
* CFTC - U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission * ICI - Investment Company Institute 
* SEC - U.S. Securities& Exchange Commission * IFC - International Finance Corporation
    * World Bank 
Latin America * WTO - World Trade Organization
* CNBV - Comisión Nacional Bancária y de Valores (Mexico) * Association of National Numbering Agency
* CNV - Comisión Nacional de Valores (Argentina) * International Organization of Securities Commissions
* CONASEV - Comisión Nacional Supervisora de Seguros y Valores (Peru)    
* SVS - Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (Chile)    
* Superintendencia de Valores (Colombia)    

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